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Mechanical Iris by disfunction Mechanical Iris by disfunction
my first submission in a while, i worked hard on this one, more than fifty layers making up a 100 meg PSD, i not sure it was worth it, not sure about the title either, oh well.
comments are highly appreciated.
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djati Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2008
Threek Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2006
Deeply disturbing.

I love you.

(OMG, the skull.)
(OMG, the everything.)
generalban Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2003   Interface Designer
*hands you a box. inside this box is favoritisim with pellets of envy used as packing foam*

I like this. I like this so very much.

Only two things Im not sure about: the skull in the iris. when put in the context of the rest of the picture its... blatant. maybe? i dont know... it irks me for some reason.

The other is out of your control, but it irks me nonetheless, is that the bolted edge (eyelids) is mirrored. perhaps some clone brushwork, and some bolt-shifting? even if you wish to go so far as altering the shadows etc, to keep a constant light scource for top and bottom.... of course, if this were my work, I would be a) proud of it. and b) too lazy to gnitpick like Im doing to you...

Great stuff, friend.
azulitalinda Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
holly shit this is magnificant. i love eyes. well done
buckwithluck Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2003
Thats like so alsome it's crazy.

quonics Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2003  Professional Artist
Very textural.
I like the way you have composed the softness of the eyes with the harshness of the metal.
designnrg Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
I dont know what to say. Its all good. GOod job. make more.
dreamer22 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
OK, after soooo many comment you have received on this piece i am sure veryone has covered everything...but still i felt the need to write one also! WOW :) (Smile) i simply love the texture work and the idea, the colors, design...EVERYTHING! :) (Smile) u get a fav +fav
ljo Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2002

50 layers!!!! so seamless - yes, I think it was worth it - what are you doing with your
talent? are you selling your work - are you working in the web or advertising community?
hope we wont have to wait too long for your next image. what did you use for the white of
the eye? i love all the textures ( like everyone else ) but I really like how seamless this
image looks ( and i looked at it full size, too ).

eureka Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2002
you have mad talent! very clean , very believably (sp?) real-like looking .....a bit speechless.. liked it much--eureka
5t3iggy Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2002
wow, very cool man. the angle of the bolts looks a little off to me tho. :? (Confused)
x0rcist Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2002
very nice job, i dig this one alot. :) (Smile)
spamgrowth Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002
totally beautiful.
just slapped it down as my wallpaper.

the detail is amazing.
myra911 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2002
One word, Spectacular!
mordred Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2002
Great concept, instant FAV, of course
zoldar Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2002   Photographer
It looks awesome! It was definitely worth it :] +fav !!
slaine Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
excellent, work, very clean, is a good digital adjustment, excellent concept,

Great Colors.
n0deal Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh it was definitely worth it. The end result is fantastic.

Everything blends together so nicely that if it weren't for the fact that it the concept itself is so unnatural that it could pass for funked up photography. Great work! :) (Smile)
mamabaer Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2002
this looks like a work from apocryph... and THAT is a huge compliment!!!

great fantastic work!!!

but next time - please without the skull...
smoky Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
looks really nice, i think it would be better without the skull perhaps...
psychomanatees Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2002   Photographer
! this is very cool....the blending is extremely well done. good job
jellybelly Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2002
Im Speecheless.... wow
j-m-s Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
exellent work there. especially the detail on the bottom right. very nice.
cobaltkatze Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
Comment 100! Yeah, this kicks ass so much.. I love the mechanical and organic elements all brough together so seamlessly.
p4nth3r Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002   Writer
lovely... :) (Smile)
fucku Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
thats great love it
pseudopod Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
very nice detailing!
parash Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
Absolute worth the work mate ...

Outstanding work Thumbs Up

user44 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
cool manip... very nice :) (Smile)
mrnightwolf Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
thats just freakin IMPRESSIVE O_O
linusp1975 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
Hey man,,,
your pic looks ALOT like my paintings..coincidence? i dont think so..
there may be dark powers in play here Stabbed in the gut, just like Jack the Ripper!

Nah man, I love that pic though you have great talent...
Shitloads of KUDOS to you!


Have a look at my sh*t....and How the hell do you get so many hits in one night? there amagic spell i should know?....

froob Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
great work man, keep it up.
ifihadadollar Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002   Filmographer
Great work on this. I usually don't write comments on the daily top favorites for two reasons, and one is, that it takes me to long to look at the puicture, scroll all the way down and type. When I want to look at it again, all the way up once more and the same thing repeats about 10 times. He.

Butī, to get back to your image, I must admit I really like it. The bolts and nuts on the left side seem to be a bit out of perspective, but the way they are textured and the mechanics are rendered, really shows your skills in whatever application you used to create this (I suppose Photoshop).

The shading, the highlights, the cracks, the details, etc.... they're amazing. How come you're not sure about this piece? It is a great piece of art, but one thing I'm somewhat missing is the point. What's the relation to death?

This picture has really has great potential, but I'm missing the message. I don't know if it's just me, but I can't really tell if the picture has left some sort of emotion in me. Usually pictures like this leave something dusturbing, something to think about, which I'm kinda missing here.

Still a wicked piece of art and I hope to see more of it!
yknum Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
hmm its a good idea!
4everm0re Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
wow looks so real.....AWESOME=D (Big Grin)
osiris777 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
yea well im sure you dont need any more comments about what a good job youve done, so heres a suggestion, with the eye maybe you could take out a bit of the reflection in it of the pgotographer, the only thing wrong with an awesome piece man
altermind Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
kjeks Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
awsome work! but I think skull ruins a little...
mooiamacow Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
very nice
ch405t1c5 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002   Digital Artist
Love it, I wish I was this good.
spectralblue Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
damn thsi is good, i jus love the shinyness of the eye. + fav
el-lizard-king Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
Well, you'll probably never read this once you get half way through the wows and oh cools, but, the bottom line of the eye needs some work, it looks awkward, and the title is perfect. The iris being the only part of the pic (and the pupil) that does not have any mech. on it. Sort of a paradoxical thing.
fragilemuse-org Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002
wow. i really like all the detail you went into.
especially the cracked look to the eye.
i'd love to see a version w/out the skull reflection. ;) (Wink)
violator Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
Yeah it looks very cool ... the eye ... wohoo ... cool ...
thedarkone Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
I love this... nothing more to say... the detail the way you used other objects and made them seem as if they're actually part of the person... beautiful... +favs
mg-43 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
wow the mechanics looks awesome and i am stunned by the eye!
great job man the only thing not fitting it the bolt screw on the left top
looks a little to bend.
awesome dude. keep em comming

*adds to favorite*
hitodama Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
ABSOLUTELEY KILLER. The fact you worked SHOWS. This is indeed awesome! I like every last aspect of this... ^_^
strangelove Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
this piece is top notch, i love the whole idea of it. great job with the iris, i love the escher style with the skull in it. this piece is so great, congrats with the success on it.
n05feratu Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wao +fav

U made one of the best manip that I ever see...
fairlane Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
thats pretty frickin awesome
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